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We offer a wide range of retreat options that allow our clients to either join in to a pre-existing scheduled retreat or book a private retreat for your team or group of friends.

Check out our Pre-scheduled retreat options for 2021. Or contact us to book a customized retreat; Corporate Team building, Ladies Retreat with your friends, Couples get away and family Reconnections.

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Connections & Horsemanship

We offer a range of Horsemanship lessons for equestrians. Haul in your horse or come for an intensive 1-on-1 program thats designed around your goals.


Equine Connections are programs for clients without their own horses that are looking to reconnecting with their purpose and align with their center. 1-on-1sessions and reatreat options. 

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Youth & School


This year we will be running a couple of Youth Programs through out the summer. Due to Covid-19 protocols we will not be offering individual riding lessons for youth and all of our programs are for children +10.

For Younger Children we recommend

Equi-Life Unicorn Club

Our youth programs focus on empowerment, resilience building, adventure and personal development programs that have a pre set curriculum and resources for all our particpants. We have also partnered with our local School District to for the Equine Learning Academy based out of Rutland Senior Secondary.

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Due to Covid-19 and the challenges with getting people out to programs and connecting with clients. We have started to build our online resources, courses library and Virtual support programs. That will allow our clients to still access our team even from a distance. 


Keep your eyes peeled for our 2021 equi-smart youth online course, Rider Empowerment programs and Consulatations with our team for Holistic Equine Care

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Rustic Glamping


close by accomodations

This year we are excited to offer our rustic glamping accommodations on the farm in one of our Micro cabins or bell Tents. Limited spaces available and priority booking for retreat and program guest.


Luxury Retreat Close By:

Cardinal Creek Luxury Retreat


Other Close by Accommodations:

Hitching Post B&B

MacDonald Acres

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Boarding -Training



Equine Rehab

Our Onsite Boarding - Training & Rehab Programs are focused around whole horse health and strive to provide individualized training, nutritional and health plans. based on each horse {and riders} needs.


We offer:

 - Rehab and Retirement Boarding

- Holistic Horsemanship 2 month Training Program

-Regular Board {Come join our Family}


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