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"Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

- Andrew Carnegie

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Mary Anderson

Mindset - Empowerment Mentor 
Holistic Horsemanship 
Podcast Host 

Mary has dedicated that past 30 years of her life exploring multiple different facets of the equestrian world in order to tune her understanding of the heart behind the horse-human connection.


She utilizes her knowledge of Liberty work, dressage and all things in between to find the formula to help her clients facilitate change and a balanced alignment both in and out of the saddle.

Her passion for horses, community and empowerment through mentorship, retreats and clinics have lead her to creating Huckleberry Horse Co. a place for open hearted, supported, learning, collaboration and growth.

Mary is also the creator and designer behind the Valkyrie Equestrian Line (Launching late spring 2021) A sustainable high-end product line that inspires the warrior goddess in us all.

Cody Anderson

Owner & Facility Director
at Huckleberry Hollow Farm

Cody is the Co-Owner and Facility Director at Huckleberry Hollow Farm, the home base of Huckleberry Horse Co. and the location of our on-sites; workshops, retreats and clinics.


Being a crucial member of the HHC Team, Cody ensures that the facility evolution and maintenance provides a safe environment for the horses and humans who call Huckleberry Hollow Farm home as well as the clients who come to attend our onsite services.

As a professional first responder he is also the primary first aid attendant on site to ensure that all our clients stay safe while up at the facility.

Keely Portsmouth

Empowerment Facilitator
Corporate Guru & Podcast Co-Host

Keely came to Huckleberry Horse Co. to connect with horses and find peace and grounding from her high powered career with in the gaming and marketing industry. She came for one lesson and ended up staying on as one of our team members and farmily.

Her journey through horsemanship provides huge inspiration to other people who are entering (or re-entering) into the horse ownership or transitioning to a more mindful and positive approach to horse training.

Keely brings her positivity, enthusiasm and knowledge of the corporate world to help empower women on their own journey's.

Keely is also the mastermind behind Best-Bitless. An online informative bit-less curating group that educates on bit-less options and features makers from all over the world.

Guest Clinician's

2021 schedule

Allie Plascha

Equine Osteopathy & Sports Therapy
Owner of Triple V Therapy

Allie is a Equine Sports Therapist and 4th year osteopathy student that is passionate about facilitating optimal equine health and wellness plan for her clients. She strongly believes in whole horse treatment plans that allow horses to live a pain-free and happy life.   

Allie combines a mixture of treatments: Massage, Acupressure, Class IV Laser Therapy and Structural Alignment with creating an individualized Nutritional and therapeutic movement plans to allow for balanced healing.

In 2021 Allie will be offering onsite therapeutic treatment programs for horses needing a more hands on approach to their rehab and care as well as providing therapy consultations for clients coming in for the rider reboots, clinics, program and retreats.

You can find more information about Allie at www.triplevtherapy.com


Kylie Bartel

Rider Mindset Coach & Counsellor

Kylie is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), who offer a unique blend of rider sport psychology, trauma-informed psychotherapy, and relational horsemanship.


She loves helping horses and riders build meaningful relationships and find their inner "yes!" to life.

In 2021 Kylie is partnering up with Huckleberry Horse Co. to put together a Rider Mindset & Alignment workshop with a two part series that dives deep into emotional awareness, inner alignment, grounding, and mindset shifts that riders require for sustainable changes and goal setting.

No matter your level, this workshop will be open to anyone who is looking for support and community while transitioning to a more aligned life in and out of the saddle.

Josh Nichol
Brooke Rempel

Our Herd

"It may not solve all of life's problems but there is something about watching a herd of horses that is a balm to your soul and brings a transformative sense of peace."

- Mary Anderson

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