Our Team

Marylin Anderson

Owner of Huckleberry Horse Co.

Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator

Riding Instructor - Specializing in Relational Horsemanship (30+ years Experience)

Personal & Professional Empowerment Facilitator

Marylin is the owner and founder of Huckleberry Horse Co. and co-owner of Huckleberry Hollow Farm. She is also the proud mom of two wild mountain children and wife to an amazing husband. She has combined her passion and knowledge of horses and her experience working with youth and adults to create a unique environment for growth and learning. In her hands on experiential programs, workshops and online coaching, Marylin helps her clients develop fundamental skills for whole hearted living. Her riding instruction is based on the philosophy of relational horsemanship so as to help her clients achieve a "relationship first" partnership with their horse. She strongly believes that relationship is the foundation on which you develop any and all riding styles, no matter the discipline. This is important to advancing within a sport and develop unity for both the horse and rider; emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically. First Generation Canadian and raised by two savvy entrepreneurs from Germany, Marylin has a natural talent finding just the right mood and theme to help guide her clients to their greatest potential. 

Cody Anderson

Co-Owner of Huckleberry Hollow Farm

Husband and Cheerleader for Mary and our Kids

Program Facilitator - Team Building

18 years in the Fire Service - Career and Volunteer 

"I began my journey with horse as most husbands of horse loving women do, as a cheerleader. Over time I starting to enjoy being around the animals. Not just horses but also our cows, sheep, chickens, dogs and cats. I found that they all had very individual personalities and could sense where you were, emotionally and mentally. If I had a bad incident at work or a union conflict not one of them would come anywhere near me... I really had to think what mental state I was in,  process the stress and drop it... This is where the horses really helped.

I am an avid outdoorsman, spending my days off working on our farm, volunteering at our local fire department, hunting, hiking, fishing, skiing and enjoying the mountain life in the Okanagan.

I bring over 15 years of leadership knowledge and experience to the team and I strongly believe that a leader is only as good as the people around them and they are only as good as the person leading them by example."

Keely Portsmouth

Program Facilitator - Youth, Woman's & Team Building

20 years leading & Ispiring teams in Design & Tech. (10 years with the Walt Disney Company)

Multiple Courses in Leadership & Management

​Keely is a design veteran and leader in the game and tech industry. Ten years ago, she moved to Kelowna to work for Disney Games after a decade of the hustle and bustle of ad agency life in Calgary. After 20 years in front of a screen, and generally inside her own head, she started to crave the outdoors and adventures that could be had in the wilderness. She discovered horses and, ultimately, the power of equine therapy to counteract the stresses of corporate life. After her first lesson with Mary in 2019, Keely became immersed in relational horsemanship theory and practice. Her newfound passion lead her to adopt her first heart horse, Charlie, and to join the farm family at Huckleberry Horse Co. Naturally ambitious and inclusive, Keely is keen to embark on her horsemanship journey and to share—and to mentor—new friends along the way. Follow Keely & Charlie on Instagram HERE.

Allie Plaschka

Program Facilitator - Youth, Woman's & Team Building

Certified Equine Sports Therapist

Second Year Equine Osteopathy Student

Allies is one of our Facilitators here at Huckleberry Horse Co. and brings extensive knowledge of horse physiology and psychology. She is a certified Equine Sports Therapist and owner of  Triple V Therapy, where she provides Equine Therapeutic Services though out the Okanagan Valley.  Currently, Allie is a second year Equine Osteopathy student and a one of the main reasons our horses here at HHC are so happy and healthy. Her knowledge of the physical , emotional and nutritional needs are invaluable. When not working Allie spends her time with her Heart hors, Rayne. Follow Their journey on instagram HERE.


The Equine Dream Team


Eros is a 2003 Trakhner gelding who is a retired dressage and demo horse and now spend his day as one of our main E.A.L teachers. He has been with Mary since 2005 and was retired after a serious trauma to his hind legs. Eros enjoys spending time with our clients and is especially talented at teaching the subtle art of light pressure. This handsome guy is very attached to Mary as they have bonded through many challenges and successes.

Calm & Confident



Charlie is a halflinger mare in her mid teens and the beloved heart horse of Keely. As an EAL teacher Charlie is slow and patient with our participants.   Charlie is stoic and yet athletic with an amazing ability to ground anyone needing to bring their minds back to present. Keely & Charlie are undergoing a journey deep into the heart of Relational Horsemanship. Follow them on instagram.

Herd Boss



Merlin is a 2015 Welsh Cob Gelding. He joined our team in early 2019 after having been passed around through multiple homes due to his fear of people. Merlin is currently in training and will be used in our youth programs to help teach the importance of trust and relationship. He is at the core, a kind and gentle horse who has just needed a chance.

Body Language Coach



Ana is a 2017 Cream Lusitano mare. She is stoic and kind in nature and will make an exceptional unflappable E.A.L. Teacher in the future. At the moment she is undergoing basic ground work and just enjoying life as our herd youngster.

Teach *In-Training*



Freya is a 20+ year old Welsh Pony mare and the soul mate to the youngest of the Anderson Clan. Her age withstanding, Freya still exhibits a spark that is so common to the welsh breed. As a lesson horse she is safe and steady for our little riders and as a E.A.L. Teacher she enjoys challenging our participants to stay in the moment!

A bit of spice & everything nice!



Skye is a 2014 Paint mare and the second lady in Cody's life.  She is exceptional at teaching clear 

boundaries and body language to our clients both in lessons and our programs. Her gentle and quiet nature helps put even the most nervous participant at easy. She is also the mom of our in trainee - Rio.



Steapel Clothing-2_edited_edited.png

Amigo is a teenage miniature gelding that joined our team late 2018. He was rescued by the O.S.O.N.F.C. and after and extensive hoof rehab he now calls Huckleberry Hollow, home. Given Amigos stature and quiet energy, he is our go to horse for our anxious participants. If your have always wanted to experience horses yet find your self scared..... then this your guy.

Small & hairy ball of love



Rio, our herd baby, is a 2018 Azteca Colt that was the first horse born here at Huckleberry Hollow. He is extremely social and the farm except artist. You can find him out and about on the farm or joining in to all the programs, on his own accord. His interactive nature will make him an ideal E.A.L. Teacher in the future.

Teacher *In-Training*


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