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Empowerment  Series



“What is freedom?” asked the boy.

“To be loved as you are.” said the horse.

Authentic. Genuine. You.

These three words should feel natural and fit easily together, sadly this is often not the case for most women. When was the last time you were genuinely true to you? When was the last time you felt like you were living authentically - void of fear from judgement, fear from failure or fear from stepping outside of the pressure of our busy lives and focusing on YOU?

As women we have been taught to prioritize everything else before our own needs. We take care of the children, we strive be successful at work,  maintain the perfect household, make sure your partner feels heard and don't forget take the dog for a walk. When was the last time you felt heard? When was the last time you looked inwards and took care your needs; physical, emotional and spiritual? Now is your chance. You and only you can take the steps to live more authentically, more genuinely, more you.

Why Horses?

Horse are closely linked to nature and are true to their basic instincts, hyper aware of the smallest physical changes in their surroundings and in the body language of others. It goes straight to the core of their most basic instinct - survival.  Horses "hear" you when not even you know what you have to say, they will not judge you or make you feel less than you are and they have an amazing ability to guide you in seeing your strengths as well as showing you areas where there could be a bit of improvement. You are strong, you are capable and you have the ability to achieve your dreams  - Our horses (teachers) are here to help you realize just how strong you are, how capable you are and empower you to be your most optimal you.


Why are You important?
Simply put, the only way you can help others is to FIRST help yourself. Its ok to be selfish, (thats right I said selfish, *cringe*) If you are centred in your life, that will overflow into your relationships, into your work and your inner voice. The only way to achieve this is to take care of yourself. In life we want to be happy - and for true happiness to happen, we need to learn how to love, trust and accept both our own strengths and weaknesses. Our horses are here to show you how to accept the miracle that is you, how to build trust in yourself, empower you to be the leader in your life and how to accept things that you can not change. Today is the day, don't wait don’t delay. Its time to begin your journey of fearless love, trust, strength, empowerment and a new and fresh authenticity!

(Trust us..... it will look good on you!)

Women's Empowerment Series

Strength. Resilience. Empower

We are excited to offer you our Women's Empowerment Series! This is our Life Skills development program specifically designed with women in mind. Each week we work through a sequence of activities that build upon themselves to work on our strengths and help you develop important life skills that will empower you to achieve your goals! Dare to dream! This is the ideal program from any woman needing the tools to make some serious changes and this is the time to start!


This Program is offered to Private Groups and Organizations as well as scheduled open sessions. All Participants will be gifted a HHF&R gift bag with tools that will help them achieve optimal success in the program (along with a few other goodies!)

Scheduled Sessions

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" It is a shame for a woman to grow old and never see the strength and beauty that she is capable of achieving!" 

Authentic You - Women's Workshop

Come join us for one of our Authentic You Women's Workshops and Retreats! This is a jam pack Ladies weekend that you will not want to miss. Take the time away from your busy life and invest in you. Our workshop is a fun and enlightening environment that will help you see your potential through new eyes. Not only will you get that much needed YOU time but you will be partnered with one of the worlds best teacher, our horses. All Participants will receive a HHF&R Gift bag which holds a number of goodies and tools that will help ensure a successful weekend. The days are jam packed with experiential learning activities, group discussions, self reflection activities, amazing country lunches and of course.... no ladies weekend would be complete without a wine and cheese night!

Spoil Your Self a little and also book a room with one of our partners just minutes away from the farm:

Cardinal Creek Retreat

This Luxury B&B come highly recommend with 6 stunning rooms overlooking picturesque mountain views and boasts a full indoor and out door yoga studio, hot tub, private hiking trails as well as a world class breakfast! For more info Check out

Workshop Includes:  - A Horse To Guide You To Help Find YOU!
    •    Your personal success guide and direction books
    •    4 programs with horses and objectives to find your authentic self
    •    Personal Briggs & Meyers Personality Profile.
    •    Country lunch, snacks and drinks throughout the weekend
    •    Bookmarks of your teachers and their stories
    •    Food for thought deck of cards for daily inspiration
    •    Places to stay during your workshop (Cardinal Creek Retreat)
    •    A life changing workshop!
    •    Don't forget the wine and cheese night & Your HHF&R Gift Bag

Make YOUR choice today and start this incredible journey made for YOU! Work alongside the power of these magnificent creatures, the horses.
Do this for YOU!

Scheduled Workshops

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