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Curriculum Programs

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 Building Blocks to Thrive!

Let's help our children and youth build skills for life! Here at Huckleberry Hollow Farm we offer Curriculum Programs that we run open to the public as well as customized programs for: schools, private groups, families and organizations. Our Equine Assisted Learning Curriculums are specifically designed to enhance learning  by utilizing the BuildingBlockTM platform for an in-the-moment, fun and memorable learning experience. Experiential learning has proven to be the number one most effective ways to develop skills and empower growth in children and youth, ages 7-19. Each one of our session is specifically designed with an objective in mind, that continues to build upon themselves as the course progresses. Our goal is to support youth in building resilience and life skills in a safe non judgemental learning environment where creativity and true self is encouraged.

ATTENTIONS Schools, Private Groups and Organizations. Click HERE For a Course Quote.

Why Horses?

Horses provide amazingly accurate and in-the-moment feedback for participants while teaching any number of skills; communication, emotional-physical-mental-spiritual wellness, self esteem, positive leadership, empathy, self empowerment and responsibility. There are HUGE therapeutic benefits in working with horses that can also help with over coming; depression, anxiety, drug and substance abuse, video gaming and social media addictions, Bullying (for the bullied & the bully), identity crisis, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts as well as a number of other challenges our children and youth may be struggling with. Lets face it, being a kid can be hard.



12 Session- Lead theWay - Level Two

The Lead the Way course is our Level TWO and next step up after the Armour of Skills. This Course is designed to build on the previously learned skills and advance into leadership Skills!! offer a 12 week curriculum program for schools, homeschool programs and organizations. Customized packages available to fit your class or group! 

Like the first Course, each participant will be partnered with an Equine Teacher to work with as given; a Growth Mind Set Workbooks, HHF Journal and a  bag full of fun tools to help them on their Journey! At the end of this course we have a Graduation Day where parents are encouraged come attend and participate all wrapped up with a graduation ceremony.

These Programs Are also offered to Schools and organizations and can be cuistomized to a variety of different formats.

Teacher Resources available for back as school activities. Every group with 6 or more youth that signs up also get a free mini Team building/ program intro sessions for the leaders & teachers! So not only the kids get to have fun!

8 Session - Armour of Skills - Level One

Armour of Skills is the foundation, level ONE, course where children/Youth will be learning the fundamentals of Communication, Relationship Building and Self Confidence. This is an 8 session program (1.5hours/session) and comes in either a weekly program or twice weekly program (More Common for our homeschooler groups)

Each participant will be partnered with an Equine Teacher to work with as well as given: a Growth Mind Set Workbooks, HHF Journal and a  bag full of fun tools to help them on their Journey! At the end of this course we have a Graduation Day where parents are encouraged come attend and participate all wrapped up with a graduation ceremony.

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Does it Work ?

Does it work? ABSOLUTLY! Not only do we see irrefutable changes in our participants by the end of each program, we also see long lasting changes that goes on for year! 

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We are seeing the benefits of Equine Assisted Learning Services globally and are excited to be apart of this life changing movement! Our program has under gone an extensive 5 year research study with the combined efforts of the University of Saskatewan, University of Regina and University of Calgary.

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We are also backed by a number of different governing bodies and have have even been hosted on the Family Channel!

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Payments and Sponsorships:

Here at Huckleberry Hollow Farm We believe that every child should have an opportunity to attend these programs and as such offer Partial and Full Sponsorships opportunities. Please fill out sponsorship application and email in!



Flexible No Interest Payment Plan options also available!

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